Finding Success in Brazil: South African Entrepreneur Tells Her Story

South Africans taking over the Americas 🙂

AWP Network

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you do not always have to start your business from scratch. Your path to entrepreneurship could be an expansion strategy for an existing company. If this is a path that you would like to consider, take the time to identify the industry that you would like to make a difference in, and move forward from there. This is exactly what Roxsanne Dysselldid. While completing her graduate studies at NYU, Dyssell attended several networking events which led to meeting Nalla Brazil representatives.

She said, “compared to the very negative perceptions of the U.S. job market for recent graduates, the potential for success and the supportive environment of African networking events that I attended while completing my education at New York University convinced me to follow through on this business opportunity.”

Dyssell is also organizer of the African Women who Brunch roundtable. She started this initiative…

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